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The Roland George Trading Room permits students to make stock trades in real time.

Stetson University Executive MBA Cohort 8 just returned from DeLand for the program’s annual trip to the Roland George Trading Room and got to tour Stetson University’s picturesque campus.

The trading room is home to the Roland George Investments Program, where students learn the ins and outs of stockroom trading. Once a year, as part of their Advanced Financial Management class, Executive MBA students make the trek from Celebration to DeLand to experience the real-time stock ticker — and to see the main campus where they’ll be graduating in May 2012.

“I didn’t know the trading room is the caliber that it is,” said Cohort 8 executive Torrance Johnson. “It’s not until you go that you realize how well-equipped it is.”

The students also enjoyed seeing Stetson University, Florida’s oldest private university. Most of them were seeing it for the first time.

“I loved seeing the main campus, very much the traditional ‘university feel,’” said fellow executive Larry Flory.

Raul Herrera, another of Johnson’s classmates, was reminded of the group’s international travels. The cohort’s visit to Vodacom in Johannesburg, South Africa, was fresh in his mind when the group took a tour of Stetson’s main campus and saw the boardroom.

The Stetson main campus welcomed Executive MBA Cohort 8.

“The school looked pristine,” added Herrera, “well-kept and very inviting. I am looking forward to being back for graduation!”

Graduation must be strong on the students’ minds, especially now that it’s only five months away. Herrera’s classmates, Johnson included, echoed his sentiments.

“It was a special moment being there with my cohort,” said Johnson. “It was great to be at the main campus and to know that is a few months, we’ll be back there for graduation.”

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