Cohort 8 arrives in South Africa

Members of Cohort 8 arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa, June 17.

Stetson University’s Executive MBA Cohort 8 group has arrived in Johannesburg!

The group of 15 passengers departed Orlando International Airport yesterday at 7 a.m. After a 1 1/2-hour layover at JFK, the group flew 15 hours across the Atlantic Ocean to Johannesburg, South Africa.

“We arrived this morning at 8:40 local time,” said program coordinator Wendy Lowe. “We met up with our academic guide, Lewis Chidziva of MBA Vista, and Dr. Stuart Michelson, who has been in ‘Joburg’ and Durban since Tuesday on university visits. All of us arrived safely, including our baggage!”

When Dr. Michelson arrived earlier in the week, he wasn’t so fortunate. His bags didn’t make it, so he had to buy apparel locally in order to make his business appearances.

After landing and checking in at their hotel, the group is off for lunch in Nelson Mandela Square.

More updates to come!