iPad Experience

ipad 1

Lauren Hall, Maureen Karkovice, Dr. Christopher Tobler, and Cody Hampton review their finance class analysis.

Stetson’s Executive MBA has made significant progress in offering programs that are flexible, modern, and enable the delivery of course materials in a digital format which is both convenient and environmentally friendly.

The Executive MBA team is committed to delivering academic resources and tools, including iPad technology, to offer timely information to today’s business professional. The faculty has embraced this technology tool to evolve their teaching practices.  The tablet device has impacted the team dynamic, collaboration, and the culture within the classroom. The iPad encourages increased opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and professional development.

Implementing the iPad has increased productivity, provided relevant academic e-books, cases, and apps with ease while improving interactive learning by bringing global resources to the classroom in real-time.  Margo Haines, Cohort 10, believes that “the iPads have been a great asset to learning. Our cohort is able to research topics that the instructor is talking about right then and there. The iPad allows for note-taking that includes being able to take pictures of the classroom notes, tie in PowerPoint slides, and overall capture what we need to in class. My favorite feature to date is the fact that we can quickly and easily share in-class work and projects with the use of our iPads and the technology in the classroom.”  Another Cohort 10 classmate, Krista Scimeca, has found that “using the iPad for some of our in-class and homework assignments has made my schoolwork more “portable,” which is important, especially for working MBA students.  It is very rare that I get enough time to sit down at home and do my schoolwork.  The iPad works very well with the comprehensive EMBA program, relieving some of the “logistical stress” and allowing me to focus solely on LEARNING.”ipad2

Cohort 10 began using the iPad device and electronic materials last spring and immediately benefited from the on demand resources at their fingertips.  Classroom discussions became livelier as students surfed for relevant research to back up their business perspective, decision-making, or claims.  The iPad was an instrumental tool on our 10-day international trip in Vietnam and Singapore as students’ blogged about their daily experiences and created video diaries.

Building on this success, Cohort 11 was recently provided their iPad device, some initial training, and the ultimate goal would be to further integrate coursework using their iPad devices, examples include: electronic portfolios, tracking their Professional Development Plans (PDP) using their electronic dashboard, a variety of assessment tools that provide 360 feedback, remote coaching and faculty office hours, and much more.