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Greg McCann

Greg McCann

Last month, our Cohort 10 finished their Capstone Class – Business Development Leadership – with Greg McCann and Dr. Guy Clumpner.

Guy Clumpner

Guy Clumpner

In this course the students synthesized their learning, personal and professional development from their entire EMBA experience. Now, they are able to demonstrate how they will continue their development practice of life- long learning and aptitude for self- reflection, growth and “working on you”; apply Values Based Leadership (VBL) to themselves (especially the core tools that promote alignment and self- management) and analyze how its application to an organization creates a strategic differentiator; apply, analyze, and synthesize VBL with other tools delivered to you; apply the Situational Leadership as a flagship model for effectively diagnosing and providing required leadership behavior on a predictable and consistent basis; apply effective self-management and influencing tools which promote individual, family, team and organizational excellence via the 21 behaviors of a value based leader.


Cohort 10This course has been incredibly powerful in so many ways! First, the content is something I believe should be a foundation for every business major, undergraduate and graduate level alike.  In this time of exponential change, people truly are the differentiator.  I wanted to make sure to share my experience and thoughts on what I believe to be a ground breaking course. Greg McCann and Mr. Guy Clumpner (as well as John Pullen) are among the “cut above,” innovative geniuses who are decades ahead of those around them. I simply cannot express in words how blessed I feel to have received the instruction and wisdom from such extraordinary leaders! Thank you for your commitment to the Stetson EMBA!” Maureen Karkovice

“Thanks for a great day yesterday and for a great overall class. This has definitely been one of the best classes of the entire EMBA program”. John Cody Hampton

 “Thank you both very much for the class. I deeply appreciate the time and patience that you took to expose me to lessons that will impact my life for the better”. Sabrina Singleton

“THANK YOU for such an amazing learning and development opportunity in this course!  This truly is material that I’m confident I will use and reference for the rest of my career. Thank you again for your time, energy, and effort.  It is deeply appreciated”. Krista Scimeca

“Thank you so much for dedicating your time and energy in our leadership development.   I cannot begin to tell you the impact both of you have had in both my personal and professional life.  Words cannot express. Thank you so much”. Judy Ashbrook

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