Cohort 11 at Second Harvest Food Bank


thARC2C4SVOn April 25th, 2014, Cohort 11 visited the Second Harvest Food bank of Central Florida, a private, nonprofit organization that collects and distributes donated grocery products to more than 500 nonprofit feeding programs in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Brevard and Volusia counties. Since opening its doors in 1983, the Food Bank has distributed close to 300 million pounds of products for its neighbors in need. Second Harvest Food Bank assists approximately 55,000 people per week by providing groceries and they capture about 3% of the 25% of the food from food industry that does not make it to the table. It’s not about charity but about the supporting the health and well-being of the community.

They also have a culinary program that provides the outreach to train, educate, and help with the hiring process of future talented culinary team members in Central Florida.

Cohort 11

Cohort 11

This visit is part of their Marketing Decision Making Class and had the goal to collect information to develop a marketing plan for the organization. The plan will include a summary of the research and analysis of the organization’s current situation, including the markets and consumers, and development and documentation of the organization’s marketing objectives, strategies, and programs. The major goals of this project are to: create a multichannel plan for Hunger Action Month (September 2014) that engages new and current supporters; and create a marketing roadmap to continue engaging supporter to donate/volunteer or start a virtual food drive in the fall 2014.

Dr. Michelle DeMoss

Dr. Michelle DeMoss

The classes are taught by Dr.Michelle DeMoss, Dennis C. McNamara Sr. Professor of Marketing; Department Chair. She is a specialist in marketing ethics, sustainable business practices and marketing education. She has written several business cases, including one selected for publication by the Department of Environmental Protection. Over the last 20 years at Stetson University, she has won awards for both her service to and teaching in the School of Business Administration. In addition, she remains connected to the external community through her consulting and volunteer work.


 “I was blown away by how great of a difference they make in our society with such little resources they have on hand”. Rachid Labzioui 

“My personal aha was that I thought I was familiar and knew the impact Second Harvest had but learned my awareness IMG_3473was only scratching the surface.  The programs to help underprivileged children with weekend meals was eye opening. I was highly impressed with their outreach in their culinary program as well”.  Adam Galea

“I was extremely excited to hear that we would be creating a marketing plan for second harvest.  It is an amazing opportunity to be able to take what we have learned in class and directly apply it to helping in our community.  After visiting on Friday, we all have so many ideas that we are already thinking of ways that we can take this a step further after the class concludes”. Jennifer Farb

IMG_3488“It was breath taking to see the passion and commitment 2nd Harvest has to help the community, and the massive operation that goes on behind the scenes to get food on the table of the needy. It helped open my eyes to the real problem that the hungry isn’t the stereotype that most people think of, rather that a majority of the hungry people are victims of circumstance who really need help. These hungry people can be working full time, and could be your next door neighbor. I didn’t realize that 1 out of every 5 families deals with hunger, and it breaks my heart to see so much patriotic efforts going overseas when we have issues on our homeland that we can fix now”. Carl Pfeiffer

“After seeing first-hand how this organization operates I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm towards making a difference and giving back to those less fortunate”. Keith Henry