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Cohort 11 students are gearing up to board their international field journey to Taipei and Bangkok on June 20 – June 29, 2014. The International trip is part of the International Field Experience Class (INTL 501) in which the students travel abroad to meet with a variety of international business leaders, learning first-hand how business practices differ. The Cohort experiences the local culture which supports these international businesses. In addition, the students become acquainted with the impact of our global economy and the importance of appreciating the differences in business practices.


Dr. John Carrick

Dr. Jon Carrick is the professor responsible for the course and trip. Jon Carrick is passionate about international business. His passion stems from his practical experience, education, and interest in other cultures. On a practical level, Jon has been a partner in a couple of born global firms. This practical experience prompted him to further pursue his education in international business, leading him to obtain his master’s and Ph.D. in in international business. He feels that his international experience and academic degrees are just the beginning, and he is furthering his pursuit of international business knowledge through his research and continued engagement in business. Through this work, he will continue to travel and add to the list of 68 countries that he has visited.



Taipei, Taiwan

The Executive MBA Cohort 11 students, Dr. Jon Carrick and Wendy Lowe will arrive in Taipei, Taiwan on June 21, 2014, where they will spend 4 days visiting and engaging in conversation with various business leaders. Some topics include: Taiwan’s economic and political stance, an American company doing business in Taiwan, and Human Resource management practices in the Hospitality industry. Students will have a chance to get better acquainted with Taipei on a half-day cultural tour and see how people live in this fascinating city. Visits include: Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Martyrs’s Shrine, classic Ming Dynasty architecture and finally the National Palace Museum. Their tour will end with a visit to a Handicraft Center to view typical Taiwanese craftsmanship.  Students will have ample time to explore the destination on their own allowing for diverse interests to be enjoyed.


Bangkok, Thailand


On June 25, students will arrive in Bangkok, Thailand. Here students will be exposed to an overview of Thai economy and business culture, medical tourism, foreign banks operating in local markets, and how communities develop. Students will have a chance to explore cultural events such as the Bangkok canal, the Rice barge cruise and take in a traditional show as a cohort.

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