Culture in Thailand

Hugo Escanuela – Culture in Thailand

On our final day in Bangkok we got to experience what truly makes Bangkok such a unique city to visit. From the temples and intricate river canals to the magnificent rooftop views, Bangkok is beautiful in its own regard. Our day started off with a visit to various Buddha temples, including the famous Reclining Buddha. The respect that individuals show to these temples is awe inspiring and it presents a whole new outlook on life and religion.

temple_hugoBangkok offers such a wide variety of sight-seeing, one being the cruises through the various rivers and canals. Referred to as the Venice of Asia, Bangkok relies on canals as a source of transportation and business. However, these canals also show you the underbelly of Bangkok and the poverty that many of its inhabitants live in. As we traveled throughout the canals one would take note that the city of Bangkok had a strong emergence in its infrastructure, however many buildings, bridges and river walls are left uncompleted.

A city known for its rooftop restaurants and bars, Bangkok certainly offers some magnificent views. Our stay in Bangkok wouldn’t have been complete without partaking in some of the views, so what better place than Moon Bar and Vertigo on the 62nd floor. A night accompanied with close friends and faculty, our farewell dinner from Bangkok was truly memorable.

Vertigo and Moon bar roof-top restaurant

Vertigo and Moon bar roof-top restaurant