Delicious Food in Asia

 Tamara Clay – My most memorable moments

If you ask me, the food was one of the most memorable aspects of the trip.

We went to some very special places and tried some amazing new dishes. At various points throughout the trip I believe each of us where pushed to the edge of our culinary comfort zones. The experience was interesting, nourishing and allowed us to open our minds.1BK_Tamara

Even staples were presented in different ways based on local tastes and local culture. Take rice for example. In the rice is mainly served steamed with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a pat of butter. While in each country we visited rice could be found served steamed to accompany a meal, in Tokyo it was gently laced with vinegar and wrapped around fresh raw fish. In Bangkok it was served sweet and sticky on top of ice cream or with slices of ripe mango with fresh cream. In Taiwan it was stir-fried with egg and dried shrimp.

Fish McBites in Thailand

Fish McBites in Thailand

In Asia fish is abundant while beef is rare. Because of this food restaurants like McDonald’s have added more fish to the menu. In Thailand we learned that the McFish is the number one selling sandwich. This is why McDonald’s in Thailand recently added Fish Balls to the menu as a special item to celebrate the World Cup. (I had a chance to try them and they were pretty good.)

In each country we visited we were treated to a welcome meal, which introduced us to the local flavors, and a farewell meal. No matter where you are in the world, there is nothing better than sharing delicious food with great people.