Executive MBA Cohort 9 Visits Deland Campus

Cohort 9 creates memories in Deland – Next visit will reward their MBA accomplishments at Graduation, May 2013

Stetson University’s Executive MBA class of 2013 visited the Deland campus, a ritual that occurs at least once during their 19-month graduate program.  This year, cohort 9 had the opportunity to collaborate with the Roland George Investment students, enjoy a conversation with Provost Paul during a catered lunch in the Carlton Union, and further their graduate studies by interacting with 3 faculty members in the fields of Finance, Integrated Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

Coincidentally, the Deland City holiday parade was in full swing, so as the Executive MBA students toured the beautiful campus, the sights and sounds of holiday music, laughter, and joy filled the air.  Crystal Koepke, Walt Disney World, manager shared “this experience was one of the highlights of my graduate experience.  Being able to participate in strategic discussions, seeing how investment decisions are made by the Roland George students, and seeing Stetson University’s Main Campus gives me a greater appreciation for what I’m about to accomplish – my MBA”.

The Roland George Institute Program experience was dynamic, said Wendy Lowe, Assistant Director.  The Director, Dr. Ma and his undergraduate students, prepared student research on 3 global companies that was presented to the Executive MBA students and Board of Trustees.  This information was evaluated and a final determination of the viability of the students’ recommendation to purchase shares based on their findings was made.  The Executive MBA students were extremely impressed with the high quality of the research conducted, the apparent confidence and ability of these undergraduates to field and address questions from executive level students and finally the conclusive process that is conducted in the Roland George Investments Program.  David LaRocque, Senior IT analyst at Genworth Financial, enjoyed returning to his Alma Mater.  David shared, “I had a great sense of nostalgia and pride returning to campus as a graduate student with my Cohort.  I look forward to returning to Deland in May to graduate with my Cohort”.  David will officially become a “Double Hatter”, meaning he will have both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stetson University.

Provost Paul shared numerous opportunities to stay connected to Stetson University upon graduation in May 2013 including career services, participating in additional course/class offerings, attending alumni events, enjoying football tailgating and games, and by continuing to share their “Stetson story” with others.  Students were encouraged to continually challenge themselves to learn, guide, and engage in the community to be “Lifelong Learners”.  By engaging in such activities, continued professional and personal growth will occur and have a profound impact.