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Stetson University launches a mentor/mentee program with Executive MBA Alumna and Cohort 10 executive students, as they engage in a personal and transformational journey.  Mentoring relationships are designed to help and support people “manage their own learning in order to maximize their professional potential, develop their skills, improve their performance, and become the person they want to be.”Eric Parsloe, Coaching, Mentoring, and Assessing (London: Kogan Page, 1992).

As an EMBA student, the goal is to develop not only your skills and abilities, but also you as a person.  Specifically, the unique talents, insights and values you bring to bear in any situation. 

The mentoring program is designed to help develop and refine you as whole person.  Mentors/Mentees will meet this month to set expectations, establish an agreement, set SMART goals, use a conversation model, look for growth and reflection opportunities, and celebrate and come to closure.  Mentor/Mentees will interact at least 2 times monthly. 

The Mentors/Mentees will have a Stetson University facilitator guiding the continuous process.   External Mentoring Professionals will provide targeted workshops and training to the executive group. 

Krista Scimeca gains support, perspective, and a “coach”.

Juliana Trujillo, Executive MBA Graduate in 2012, said “I believe that Stetson’s mentoring program is a great   opportunity as it will allow the current students to share their ideas, experiences, and accomplishments with someone who perhaps is from the outside, but knows exactly where they are coming from.  One of the things that I have learned the most about mentors is that they are someone who can see the talent and ability within people, that perhaps they can’t see for themselves and just helps bring that out for them. I think anyone that is in this type of program has the skill and the will, a mentor will just help them never forget that.”  Juliana is mentoring Krista Scimeca in Cohort 10.  Krista enthusiastically shared that their initial meeting was impactful.  The camaraderie was immediate and the academic guidance was timely. 

Check back often to learn how these relationships provide meaningful impact and accountability towards ongoing professional and personal development.

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