Final Day – Thoughts & Summary on a Wonderful Trip

  Mayra Santiago, Maureen Karkovice & Ray Harpel

Sing4 - Dinner3This international business trip has been an experience to remember in so many ways. I hope it’s not a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, and plan to travel back this way in the future!

As someone who is not in the business world (but obviously looking to transition), this trip – as well as the entire Stetson EMBA program – has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and information. The coursework prior to the trip prepared me with the information necessary to get the most out of the business visits and to be able to identify and analyze culture and how it impacts business practices. The speakers varied, which provided learning experiences in many areas, and which I personally value since I am so eager to learn as much as I can as I look toward a new career path. The quality of the speakers, the great hospitality shown to us and the in depth knowledge and experience imparted during each visit was incredible!

Sing4 - Dinner4It was not only the people and places we visited that made this trip great… the support team of Stetson University and International Study Programs staff, and out wonderful Vietnamese guide, Dwayne made this trip and enjoyable experience. The never ceasing organization, support, and wisdom provided by Wendy has been and she a huge asset to this program; she is a beacon, a guide, a life-saver- truly a gift during a rigorous, challenging, stressful period of! Dr. Carrick provided a perfect blend of focus and fun – he did a wonderful job preparing us for the journey. Michaela, our tour leader from ISP did a great job planning our visits and cultural activities with fabulous attention to detail, to make sure we got the most out of our short time in each location. And lastly I’m sure we would all like to send a big thank you to Dwayne, our guide in Vietnam. Dwayne had made the journey educational and enjoyable, and really made our visit to Vietnam memorable. From the history he shared to the jokes he told, to the time he took out of his day to make an unscheduled trip to the Presidential Palace for us. Dwayne was a fabulous addition to the trip!!

Sing4 - Dinner1We finished our international field trip with a bang! We started our evening with a cable car ride to the top of a mountain to a special place called The Jewel Box. This amazing restaurant is a hidden gem with a breathtaking 360-degree view of Singapore. A relaxed “al fresco” dinner experience was exactly what the cohort needed to unwind after a successful, but intense trip that was shortly coming to an end. We enjoyed chatting about all that we had accomplished in the last eight days and all the wonderful people we met along the way.


This cohort is SO special to me- I honestly cannot imagine going through this EMBA experience with a different group of people. I learn from each of them everyday! I love that each one of them offers different strengths that sharpen and develop me in many ways. Thank you all for an amazing trip and I look forward to the last 10 months of learning together.


This trip was beyond my expectations and was certainly eye-opening and life changing!