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On top of the world

Nelya Khayut – On top of the world

Riding the fastest elevator… eating the best dumplings… witnessing the largest damper sphere in the world… You have to be there to believe it. One thousand and ten meters per minute! I arrived on the 89th floor in 34 seconds. Upon getting to the top, the observatory deck allowed for some great pictures.  Nelya_6

This building is an icon of this country and used to at one point be known as the tallest building in the world. Its architecture is a symbol of evolution. Symbolism and culture are a huge deal in this country and the people take it very seriously. Colors represent “connection” and “new beginnings” and the Taipei 101 building has a torch at the top of the building that glows one of seven different colors every night. The colors represent the different days of the week, so for example on Friday the torch will be blue, on Saturday it will be violet, etc.Nelya_4

I might have been oblivious to knowing what makes this type of building stay up through all of the storms that this country faces. It wasn’t until we were told we were about to go see the “pendulum” that it hit me. Typhoon winds and earthquake tremors are common in this country and so how can this building stay standing?! It never dawned on me to think about this until that very moment. Seeing this massive ball was absolutely amazing.

The best dumplings in the world are also cooked in this magnificent building. If you ever visit Taiwan, Din Tai Fung Restaurant is a must have. It is an award winning restaurant that is known for their Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings.) The thin dough, the meat inside, and the broth are a perfect balance of what a dumpling should taste like.

Din Tai Fung Restaurant, Taipei

Din Tai Fung Restaurant, Taipei

Don’t worry… if you have never had a dumpling like this… there are instructions that set you up for success! These instructions are waiting for you at your table.

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