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By: Rose White

I’ve never seen anything like it before. There was even a cute little girl loving the fishes on her feet. If she can do this… Then anybody can!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I dived my feet right in. Immediately it tickled. I had my mouth open in laughter for the first 5 min. The experience is for only 15 minutes and costs 150 baht (approximately 5$ and change).

Unfortunately, the fish spa isn’t as popular in Bangkok and I had expected. I had to take two trains from my hotel to the location. This spa is located at a popular tourist destination called Asiatique. It reminds me of Pointe, Orlando off International drive.

The journey to the fishes was worth the time in travel. This was a fun and unique experience.


image (1)

Cute little girl loving the fishes on her feet!



Experiencing the fish spa!

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By: Liliana Molina

It is the day before our departure from Bangkok and I feel like I have visited all of the rooftop bars and restaurants Bangkok had to offer. This past week we have gone to at least four of them and it seems that these are “the place” to be when in Bangkok.

Our hotel has an amazing rooftop restaurant and we had the oportunity to visit last night. The first thing you notice is the amazing view of the city. This city is beautiful during the day, but at night is magical. The tall buildings, the lights and the the clear skies creates a great combination.

This has definitely been an experience of of a lifetime and I will never forget the many nights we spent looking at the city from above.


The view from the Vertigo Moon Bar, one of the most famous rooftop bars in Bangkok!

The view from the Vertigo Moon Bar, one of the most famous rooftop bars in Bangkok!

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Icon if you can!

By: Chad Cooper
Traveling in Bangkok certainly poses a number of challenges when it comes to iconography.  The symbolic representation of images for other objects or actions is a pretty common in most cities and countries. It creates a visual short hand to quickly communicate information.

Here in Bangkok the use of icons helped us to find everything from trains to taxis to restaurants.  However, searching for the restroom at a while detouring through a shopping center created more questions than answers.


Where are the……..restrooms?









I took a quick survey of my cohort members and the majority of them felt that none of these images was a accurate representation of using the restroom.  We followed the sign and made our way to a dead end in our path.  There was no restroom and assumed we simply misinterpreted the icons.  That is until one my my more observant peers saw the following hiding in plain sight.

What appeared to me to be a store front for a some futuristic postmodern international Abercrombie & Fitch, was in fact the ever elusive restroom we were seeking.  While traveling in Bangkok it became clear that one’s world view is not necessarily the view held by the rest of the world.  In the end we were a little wiser and pleasantly relieved.










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By: Chad Cooper

Bangkok is a massive city and offers many means of getting from here to there.  These include elevated trains, subway, buses, taxis cabs, taxi motorbikes and tuk tuks

After an amazing dinner 61 stories high in the sky at Vertigo and Moon Bar our cohort decided to make a final late night stop at the Lebua Hotel where the movie “The Hangover Part II” was filmed.

All of this appeared to create a night that simply couldn’t be topped.  That was until my cohort member Yoshi and I climbed aboard a tuk tuk for a high speed trip back to our hotel.

We make the following video to document the safety features available when traveling by tuk tuk for all interested parties…..enjoy!



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By: Joseph Iglecia-School

His name is Bhumibol Adulyadej, but no one calls him that.  He goes by the title of King.  Thailand is legally a constitutional monarchy, much like the UK, with a King as more of a figurehead leader.  Officially, he has no giverning power but he is one of the predominant binding forces keeping the Thai People together.  Thailand has experienced many political coups in the past decade and is currently under martial law with talks of elections in the future.  With all of this political turmoil; however, The Country of Thailand is a stabilizing force in Southeast Asia.  Bangkok has become an economic powerhouse in the region and draws in tourists, trade, and culture from all over the world.  Something didn’t seem right to me though.  How could a country be both politically unstable and a region stabilizer at the same time?  The answer is two fold: the king and Buddhist ideals of balance and peace.  The king is widely adored by his people.  The city is covered with images of both the king and his eldest daughter who recently celebrated a birthday.  This adoration and respect for the king is pervasive and is seen in almost every aspect of Thai life.  Take the movies for example.  After the previews the theater plays the king’s anthem and a tribute video.  During this video the entire audience stands silently in respect of the king.  When political unrest begins to boil and a coup unfolds, the king is there to give his blessing to the new government.


The king and queen have four children.  The eldest child, the one who traditionally would ascend to the throne after his father’s passing, is unfortunately not liked by the Thai people.  He is not celebrated or really even mentioned.  This brings me to the elephant in the room.  What happens when the king, who is 87 years old, passes?  This is the million-dollar question.  Will the prince be king?  Will the king appoint his eldest daughter as the Queen breaking tradition but in doing so perhaps provide more stability?  Will Thailand cease to have a king?  The princess is loved by her people and could bring stability to the region, but if the prince is coroneted as king there is a very real possibility that Thailand could be heading for some rough waters ahead.

Just one of the many monuments to the king that can be seen all over the country.

Just one of the many monuments to the king that can be seen all over the country.

je 2

One of the many banners around Bangkok celebrating the Princess’ birthday.


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By: Britteny Freemyer, Jessica Zaucha, Joseph Iglecia-Scholl and Karla Powell .

On Wednesday, June 24th, our class met with JT who currently works with Human Resources for McDonald’s in Thailand. Our class learned about McDonald’s brand ambitious an traditions utilizing three key ares: good food, good people and good neighbor. JT also went through some of the new initiatives the company is establishing here in Thailand including, the McEasy. This is an electronic system that allows the customers to select their meal choices all with an click of a button. This system is all throughout Thailand stores and is moving across the world.
We had the opportunity to tour their facility and see different area of the McDonald’s center. Like most businesses there were offices, cubicles and conference rooms, but there was more. In one rooms there was a play room with pool tables, game pods and large chairs to relax. Throughout the building there were also smaller McCafe and soda machines from the restaurants. It was interesting to see their space and learn about their training programs and initiatives in the country of Thailand. One such initiative is helping the senior leaders of the company to “get their hands dirty’ and see a day in the life of a front line employee. Once a year, one of the restaurants is selected to host the senior leaders. The leaders trade their suits and ties for a McDonald’s uniform and spend a day training and working in various positions around the operation. This helps to keep the executives in touch with the needs and desires of the customers and employees.

McCafe and soda machines from the restaurants located hroughout the building!


Students learning about McDonald’s brand ambitious and traditions utilizing three key ares: good food, good people and good neighbor.


Playroom with pool tables to relax!

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By: Jessica Zaucha

When travelling to a foreign country one of the first things on your to-do list may not be to go see a movie in the theaters, however in Thailand I definitely recommend this! Showing respect to their King and Royal family is very apparent here, even before seeing a movie in the theaters.  I was told about how they show a short video in honor of the King prior to the movie and after hearing this I was very intrigued by this concept, so I knew this was something I had to do!  It also didn’t hurt that I soon found out Jurassic World was playing in the 3D Imax theater nearby, and in English! So, I made my way to the movies with some members of the cohort.

 The theater experience itself was a bit different than in the states as well, we had to select our exact seats when purchasing the tickets, something I wasn’t used to. Once tickets and snacks were in hand we made our way to the theater. We sat down in our assigned seats and got ready to watch the previews in anticipation of the King’s tribute.
 We watched a few previews of movies and then all of a sudden a slide came on the screen. In Thai and in English it asked for everyone watching to please stand to pay their respect to the King. Everyone in the theater did this so quickly and without hesitation, it was amazing and very powerful. The theater was silent as everyone watched as the video went through some key moments in the King’s life. The video was only a few minutes long. Once it was finished I looked around, as everyone was still standing in silence. Most of the viewers bowed to pay their respects and then proceeded with sitting down and getting prepared for the movie. Everyone seemed very accustomed and used to this tribute, which just goes to show how much this country pays respect to their Royal family on a daily basis.
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By: Valerie Drebsky

“June 24th- what a day! we started out with a morning full of preparation for our presentation to the New Directions, Curious Creamery brand. This brand is working to change the “tradition” way we think of ice cream into a new, innovative way to get creative and have the freedom to create ice your way. The ice cream industry hasn’t  changed in 100 years but New direction is challenging that way of thinking in a very exciting way. We were all very nervous because we have been working on this presentation and project for months now. The morning flew by. Around 1:30 we were on a bus headed to the McDonalds offices to begin our presentations. This was the moment we were all waiting for- nerves and excitement took over! There were 4 groups and each group had a different focus on direction for this start up business to go. The presentations were 20 minutes a piece and each group did a great job in expressing their work to the larger audience. What a rewarding relief is was to be completed. We all feel so lucky to be able to be here in Thailand to present this to the team. Typically presentations I do oversees is through video conferencing. Another highlight of this afternoon was we finally got to try the ice cream- YUM!!”


Group speakers!


Well done on the presentations guys!


Getting ready for presentations!


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By: Karla Jain Powell

We’ve all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s never been more true for me until I came to Bangkok. I consider myself a pretty adventurous eater. I’ll try anything at least once. In our time here I’ve decided that most Thai food isn’t my favorite thing to eat in the world so I’m very thankful for the vast breakfast spread we have every morning. We never know what food lunch and dinner might bring so breakfast has been a safe place to fuel up for the day. There’s a variety of food from the local Thai cuisine to all our western favorites. I think most people in our Cohort will miss the French Toast, it’s the best French toast I’ve ever had.

Here’s a little video of all our breakfast offerings. Enjoy!

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By: Ashley Forbes

Being my first time out of the US, I’ve seen a lot that has been interesting. When seeing everything  new it was comforting to find a little piece of America in the middle of Bangkok.  Yesterday on our business visit to Pace, the development company that recently purchased Dean & Deluca , we fell back into the US!  Dean & Deluca is located in the MahaNakon Cube and is a new market style concept for the brand. They not only have coffee like the stores that are familiar in the US, this store also has packaged foods, confectionary, deli and prepared foods.  According to Roger, the director of strategy for Dean & Deluca, since the packaged foods don’t sell as well in Thailand, they have expanded to a fuller menu. This is what brought a group of us back for dinner.

Dinner was delicious!  It was just what I needed after the various Thai food we have been eating since we  arrived.  From Pizza to pasta to sandwiches, this brightly  lighted store is a taste of New York in the middle of a bustling Thai city.  It was busy the two hours we were there filled with a mix of expats and Thai alike. In the land of smiles, this American was truly smiling.


dean and deluca

New York style pizza!


dean and deluca2


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