Schwarz visits Celebration

Thomas Schwarz celebrated his birthday with Executive MBA students.

On July 13-14, Stetson University’s new dean of the School of Business, Thomas Schwarz, visited the Celebration Center’s Executive MBA current students, alumni from previous cohorts, and future students beginning their Executive MBA journey in August.

“The Center was bustling with activity and excitement as current students were reunited after their International Trip experience in Istanbul and Budapest,” said Wendy Lowe, coordinator of the Executive MBA program. “The students were recharged and ready to begin their advanced level courses starting with the Strategic Management course facilitated by Dr. Ram Subramanian, returning to teach for the third year. Ironically, our new dean and Dr. Subramanian were business colleagues many years ago, which made the visit a special reunion for them as well.”

Schwarz observed classroom instruction, visited with the executive students (individually, in small groups and collectively), engaged in interviews with prospective students, and even celebrated his birthday with his extended “Stetson family.”

Schwarz clearly set the tone with future plans for building upon the current Stetson Executive MBA success while enhancing academic innovations, placing emphasis on business application, and leveraging Stetson’s uniqueness.

“Stetson provides an authentic, rich and personal learning experience, combined with unparalleled student talent that is highly motivated, bright and experienced,” said Schwarz. “This combination is lethal. The Executive MBA faculty, staff and cohorts partner in this dynamic and collaborative process, resulting in a lifelong benefits both professionally and personally.

“We take our role in this process very seriously and are committed to growing and adapting to the evolving business needs globally.”

“The Executive MBA faculty and staff are invigorated to be a part of this opportunity,” said Lowe, “as new leadership helps guide the way.”