Slum Child Care Foundation

Nelya Khayut – Slum Child Care Foundation

One of our visits in Thailand was the Slum Child Care Foundation. Upon arriving in the neighborhood where this Foundation is located, I was overcome with extreme emotion. I was able to hear the child laughter, cries, and screams from the building and it did not sound like just a couple of children but quite a large amount.

Upon going inside (after taking our shoes off) and looking around, I was blown away by how well these children were taken care of. Several workers and volunteers cared for these children like they were their own. It was genuine, kind, and sincere. The staff as well as the children welcomed us with open arms and respect. The children wanted someone to return that love and kindness by hugging them back, holding them, and playing with them.   Nelya_1

Children in that care facility stay there as young as 3 months old. It was heart breaking but at the same time heart warming knowing that at least these children have someone to feed them, change them, baby them. They are off the street and have a chance at a good future. The children are taught manners, patience, thoughtfulness, and everything else that should be learned at a young age.Nelya_3

Working for The Walt Disney World Company, I am fortunate to interact with many different cultures around the world. I have been able to interact with many people of Asian decent but this trip has been a completely different experience. The level of compassion and kind-heartedness was not what I expected. This particular business truly shows the amount of hospitality that the people from Thailand are used to giving. We were complete strangers in a building… but were able to feel the level of friendliness and cordiality even from children at a young age.