Street Vending: Bangkok

Rachid Labzioui – Street Vending: Bangkok

I can’t imagine myself going to Bangkok, Thailand and not trying some of the country’s delicacies. Thai cuisine in known worldwide to be rich in flavors and sometimes full of surprises.

Streets are packed with make shift food stands which are equipped with the minimum necessary equipment to make some of the most mouth watering dishes someone can ever taste. Locals are the ones usually that can be seen hovering around them but also you will also see that tourists are more and more prone to try the food.street_vending2

Cheap, clean, delicious and can be found everywhere with more than 20000 vendors in Bangkok alone. These are key reasons why business is booming with street vendors.

Another phenomenon that shocked me is the abundance of street bars. They are everywhere as well and usually start doing business later at night. You don’t need to be in an enclosed traditional bar to be able to enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage, but you can still do that while people watching on the side of the road.

A side walk bar in Bangkok

A side walk bar in Bangkok

These are usually minivans equipped with coolers, ice makers; blenders to make cocktails and even little kitchenette able to serve some amuse bouches for the patrons. Their prices are relatively cheaper than regular bars. That’s why they are jam-packed every night. At least during the time I was there.