Cohort 5 graduate earns certification

Craig Feldman, a graduate of Stetson University Executive MBA’s Cohort 5, now has three letters to add to his name besides MBA: PMP.

Craig Feldman, far right, and his classmate Lynda Hoyte completed PMP courses in a program at Stetson University Center at Celebration. Mike Mekdeci, center, of Stetson congratulates them.

Feldman recently completed a course through the Stetson University Project Management Certificate Program and passed the subsequent test to become certified as a Project Management Professional. Feldman currently works as a Project Manager for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Feldman said his Executive MBA helped prepare him for this additional segment of his education. “Stetson taught me the foundations of what I needed to know, such as the mechanics behind project management. I learned a lot of the analysis for project selection in the Executive MBA program, like IRR, NPV, future value — comparing the project options you have and determining which project to choose.”

This new certification also taught Feldman several skills he didn’t have before, such as how to effectively plan a project, monitor the metrics behind it, and manage the expectations of participants.

“I feel incredibly accomplished,” said Feldman. “I’m so glad I started this program.”

Feldman graduated from the Stetson Executive MBA program in spring 2009 and began the Project Management Certificate Program in fall 2010. He received his certification Aug. 9, 2011.