Country #2 – Singapore

After 4 days in beautiful Vietnam, we have changed pace and moved on to Singapore. The differences between these two countries are vast in terms of infrastructure, opportunities and business, however as one of the newly industrialized countries of the 1970’s Singapore is a fabulous example of a country which has gained economic stability and global business recognition in a very short space of time – becoming a global leader in IT, finance and shipping. Singapore’s success is due in parts to its business friendly government policies, its small size, and a focus on education and training. Singapore provides good examples of best-practices for business and it will be interesting to experience the difference between the two countries first hand.


Lauren Hall – Globecast

Sing1 - Globecast1

On Thursday morning, we spent our first business visit in Singapore with Darby Sanchez, CEO of GlobeCast, Singapore. Sanchez runs an exciting operation, providing media content management and transmission services for major networks around the world.  One of the most exciting parts for us being that she is a native Floridian!


While touring us around her facility, Darby was able to provide us with deep insight into conducting business in Singapore and elsewhere around the world, as she had also previously been based in Latin America and Asia throughout her 20 year career in the media industry. She talked about how Singapore has been highly successful because of the way they have tackled the issue of corruption, likely better than any other Asian country. While they have strict laws and low tolerance for breaking these laws, this rigid structure has allowed the country to flourish.

In addition, Darby shared what she believes to be crucial to conducting business internationally today – the need to deeply know how a country thinks and runs, in terms of politics, sociology, culture, etc. Along with this international awareness, the next key is people management: being able to spot talent and assess who is good at what, and giving them opportunities that are cultural aspirations. We also discussed the need to anticipate what is going to happen in your business or industry, and that if this is not done it can be deadly for a company.

Sing1 - Globecast2 with CEOFinally, Darby encouraged us to take risks in our careers, saying that there is no gain without risks, and the only way she has made it to her position today has been by seizing opportunities that have sometimes been risky. Taking risks is crucial for both individuals if they want to be top leaders, and for companies if they want to be market leaders. She strongly believes that opportunities are there for those who are willing to take risks and not put limitations on themselves.

Our visit was fabulous, and highlighted that as current MBA students, we can strive to pursue a successful career in international business and work around the globe. We all left amazed by Darby and her passion, and hope to cross paths with her again the future.


Angela Stevens – Singapore Night Safari

Sing1 - Night Safari5bThursday night we ventured to the Singapore Zoo for a night Safari. We boarded a tram and off we went into the jungles of the Singapore zoo. The animals and their habitats were amazing. We saw animals from 7 different regions of the world. After the tram ride we ventured back out on the walking trails to see the animals even closer and some additional animals we could not see from the tram. The exhibits were amazing. Some animals such as lions and hyenas felt like they were only about 5-10 feet away. I was very impressed with the visibility of the animals. As mentioned before some of the animals were 5-10 feet away while others were either laying right at the viewing glass or had not barriers at all. Such as the Wallaby who could wander right in front of you if they choose. Some of the other amazing animals were saw were Asian elephants, giraffes, zebras, tapirs, sloth bears, and sugar gliders.


Sabrina Singleton – Singapore by night

On Thursday night, while some of the group were doing the Singapore Night Safari, Pablo and I explored the city. We took the MRT  to the Marina Bay Sands and back. The trip was fabulous – the whole area was like one giant mall/amusement park!  One thing that stood out to me was the friendliness of the people we encountered who helped us navigate ourselves there and back as we got lost a lot.  For example, someone behind us helped us buy our tickets. In addition, the MRT security and gate keepers  were incredibly patient and helpful.  When I went out of the wrong gate at the train the gate keepers let me back in through the right gate without scolding me or making me repurchase a ticket.
For a large city, Singapore is welcoming and doesn’t feel unsafe. I saw a lot of women and children out in the city late at night. Because of this and the friendliness of everyone we encountered, I felt a lot more conformable walking around Singapore than I would in Vietnam or in any large US city. Such a fun night out exploring!