The Journey Begins for Cohort 11

Cohort 11 First Day

Sixteen eager students on their 1st day of class

Stetson University’s Cohort 11 is underway. Sixteen motivated business professionals began their 19-month journey earlier this month under the leadership of Associate Dean, Yiorgos Bakamitsos, and Director, Greg McCann. This professional and diverse group, are poised for a transformation both personally and professionally.


Cohort 11 at Orientation





At Stetson, cohort cohesiveness is built upon trust, integrity, an awareness of individual strengths, areas of growth, and motivations.  This information collectively creates the foundation for rich learning and applied results.  Not to mention, an enriching network of lifelong friends. Once this foundation is built, collaborative and rich business discussions, varied perspectives, experiences, and scenarios are explored in depth.

Currently, each executive is designing a Professional Development Plan that will guide both their individual efforts and future faculty towards reaching these stated goals over the next 19-months and beyond. A Cohort Coach, will provide ongoing support throughout each executives journey, providing additional resources and strategies for continual progress and results. An initial session has been conducted. The Cohort Faculty is focused on developing leaders with integrated course work that is immediately relevant and applicable to the workplace.


Dr. Bakamitsos and Dr. McCann

Only a couple of weeks into their EMBA experience, benefits continue to engage and provide a return. In less than a handful of visits to the Center, they have participated in workshops dealing with mindfulness and stress management, maximizing the utilization of their iPad device, and have been exposed to an expanding student/alumni network that gathers at the Tavern after class to decompress. At Stetson’s Executive MBA we have built a “support” team dedicated and focused on their success as they define it!