Travelling to Vietnam & Day 1 enjoying the local countryside

Krista Scimeca – Arriving in Saigon:

Arrival in Vietnam2What a trip! After about 21 hours in the air on three separate flights – our travel time totaling well over 24 hours with layovers, we’ve finally made it over to Ho Chi Minh City.  Overall, Cohort 10 faired pretty well through our travels!  We’re a little tired and groggy, but adjusting to the time difference, and we’ll push through the jet lag in no time.  We’ll be arriving at the Sheraton Saigon with nice, big, comfy, warm beds in hopefully about an hour.  I know I won’t have trouble sleeping tonight.

Tomorrow we’re looking forward to a full and exciting day of Vietnamese culture, starting with a tour of the Mekong Delta region and ending with a beautiful dinner cruise.


Wendy Lowe – Day 1: Mekong Delta & Dinner

HCM1 - Mekong Delta5Today we viewed the scenic countryside just outside of Ho Chi Minh City as we headed towards the Mekong Delta for the day.  On the journey there we saw local farmers hard at work, taking care of their crops including fruits and rice.  The students were amazed by the non-stop motorbike activity that served all the purposes of an actual car; including carrying furniture, babies, and supplies for their businesses on the back.

At the Mekong Delta, we traveled by boat, debarked at an Island where a local village resides.  Here we witnessed daily life and the means by which the villagers sustained their families.  Very talented craftsmen, the villagers made items out of every part of the coconut from northern hats, to keychains, to an actual home – roof and all. We were amazed by this ingenuity and by their economical use of this resource.  We also sampled local fruits, honey tea, and coconut candy while on the island and traveled thru the village on a horse and buggy and on a sampan boat.

Angie Stevens said the day was eye-opening.  This wasn’t a simulated place like we often see in a touristy area like Orlando, but the actual “real thing”.

HCM1 - Bonsai Dinner Cruise GroupWe concluded our day with a Welcome Bonsai Dinner aboard a boat that had musical and dancing entertainment, a magician, and a masseuse!

Vietnam has amazing charm; friendly people.  You can walk everywhere and take in the markets along with the sights and sounds of every day living here.  This was a wonderful way to spend our first day in Vietnam, immersing ourselves in the country’s rich cultural heritage.



Tomorrow the real work begins, with business visits to the US Commercial Office and Lowe Advertising.