Cohort 10 begins

Published in Celebration News

Cohort 10 students are, from left, Maureen Karkovice, Ray Harpel, Pablo Chavez, Krista Scimeca, Margo Haines, Mayra Santiago, Peter Platt, Judy Ashbrook, Lauren Hall, Sabrina Singleton, Angie Stevens and Cody Hampton.

Members of Stetson University Executive MBA Cohort 10 began their 19-month academic journey in Celebration on Aug. 10, 2012.

Executives travel in from Gainesville to Davenport, and cities in between including Celebration residents, who have immersed themselves in developing their professional and personal lives in pursuit of their MBA degree. For some, obtaining an MBA has been a dream, which can now be realized with the help of engaging instruction and supportive faculty.

The program began with a Management & Leadership course with emphasis on developing their professional and personal and lives. By the end of their first course, the cohort identified their strengths, areas for development, how to effectively deal with conflict and communications, and how these skills would be critical individually and as a team member within the group dynamic. The students developed as a team through experiential and collaborative action, applied intelligence, trust and authenticity, and through peer and professor feedback, support and overall coaching.

Cohort 10 is off to a brilliant start, with process values and a definition of success that will imprint their behavior through the intensive program and onto completion of their MBA goal. These executives pride themselves on contributing positively to our local community, through both work and leisure activities. Currently, they are balancing professional, personal and graduate education, which means spending alternating Fridays and Saturdays in the Celebration Center, learning from topic experts and preparing for numerous global visits where they can experience “best practices” first-hand.

“I am fulfilling a dream as a part of the Stetson EMBA Cohort 10,” said Maureen Karkovice, Celebration resident. “After careful research and consideration, I realized that the Stetson EMBA is a premier program, and a cut above. Stetson is providing not only the highest quality educational instruction and environment, but goes above and beyond through the Cohort experience. I am already experiencing more from the program, professors, and the team than I ever imagined!”

To learn more, attend our School of Business Open House on Oct. 6, 2012, at 10 a.m., which includes a classroom observation and lunch or a reception on Nov. 8, 2012, at 6 p.m. Questions can be directed to 3231-939-7603.