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Arden Tilghman-  The Journey: Traveling is Way Better with Friends 

We are an hour an eighteen minutes from
landing in Tokyo, where we will have one more leg of our journey- a three hour
flight before arriving in Taipei. Although I’m a little stiff, and ready to get
off the plane, this 12.5 hour trip wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated. After
a short nap, watching a tv show or two, and meal service, several members of
Cohort 11 gathered in the aisles and hallways of the plane. We passed a few
hours by following that cycle. Watch a movie, have a drink, eat a snack, get up
and socialize….repeat.
Before I knew it, we had  just two hours left, and breakfast was being served.
They told us we would get closer as a group during this trip, and they were right.
Leaving a familiar environment, where the daily worries don’t exist (or at least you
can’t do anything about them), sets the stage for a really good time. Even at the
beginning of our journey, I am understanding the benefit of many minds and many
faces for international travel and business. Leaving the familiar world, where
reliance on the team isn’t an option, but an effortless necessity, is an
interesting thought to ponder when considering engaging in international
business ventures. Tired and excited, the team is almost in Asia.

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