How to Submit

General Guidelines

InkwellA Call for Submissions is issued each semester. This page features the flyer used for the Spring 2011 Call for Submissions. General guidelines are as follows:

1. Length: 1-30 pages, written for a Stetson class or under the supervision of a professor.

2. Required Professor Recommendation: For a link to the Recommendation Form, click here or use the hyperlink in the Call for Submissions flyer.  (Professors submit the form electronically to (with Inkwell in the subject line); those recommending submissions in a language other than English must agree to serve as editor for the piece.)

3. Manuscript preparation: Cover letter includes author’s name, student ID number, and student e-mail address; name of recommending professor; course number or other explanation of professor’s supervision.

4. Format: Student ID number on every page of the text; name only in cover letter.

5. Submission: Submit cover sheet and manuscript as a single Word document to, with Inkwell in the subject line.

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