Stetson Shares

As part of Greenfeather/Homecoming Week, student organizations were asked to assemble Thanksgiving Day bags that would be distributed to local families in the DeLand community so that they would be given the privilege of having a Thanksgiving dinner. Each organization was given a list of items that they were required to include in each of their bags and they were supplied paper bags to fill. While this started out to be yet another competition for students to receive points, it eventually exceeded way beyond that. Staff, faculty, parents and other students were all ready to just donate. Not for the sake of getting points, but for the simple fact that they wanted to help someone in need. Our office received countless phone calls and emails from departments wanting to make sure it wasn’t too late to bring their donations. One student’s mother even donated 7 of the gift cards that go in the bags to buy the Turkeys. However, the icing on the cake was definitely walking in to the office on a Monday morning and finding a mountain of canned goods and other food items that was donated by a couple of our student organizations. It was accompanied by a note from them that basically said they wanted to help feed families for Thanksgiving so they went around the DeLand community on Friday and knocked on doors asking for donations. That goes to show that something as simple as walking around for a couple of hours asking for a few donations can really make a big difference in someone else’s life. Who knows, if it weren’t for the contributions of the people here at Stetson University, some families may not have had a Thanksgiving dinner this year.  It’s great to know that so many people are on board with helping the less fortunate.