Monthly Archives: January 2013

Help your Hatter make informed career decisions!

Many students experience stress when making career-related decisions. The best way to alleviate this stress is for students to develop a career plan early on. Here are some tips for creating a strategic plan that will help students make well-informed decisions about their careers: First Year Students Self-Awareness and Assessment: Students should think about possibilities […]

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What to do about the FLU.

Flu is an acute contagious viral respiratory illness.  The flu virus lives in the nose and throat.  Sneezing, nose blowing, kissing, coughing, sharing drinks and hand-to-hand contact spread the virus. SYMPTOMS:  Usually sudden onset, and may include fever (102-103 degrees), chills, headache, generalized weakness, muscle aches, non-productive cough.  Sometimes vomiting and diarrhea can occur.  Fever […]

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