Help your Hatter make informed career decisions!

Many students experience stress when making career-related decisions. The best way to alleviate this stress is for students to develop a career plan early on. Here are some tips for creating a strategic plan that will help students make well-informed decisions about their careers:

First Year Students

Self-Awareness and Assessment: Students should think about possibilities for their careers and seek information about their skills, values, interests and abilities by completing a self-assessment.

Sophomore Year

Exploration: Actively explore career options that match findings from self-assessment activities. Explore options by attending career expos, networking events, and conducting information interviews.

Junior Year

Experience: Actively interact with career options through internships, job shadowing, on-campus jobs, and volunteering.

Senior Year

Transition: Conduct a thorough search for the right post-graduation opportunity by networking, attending career expos, and participating in on-campus interviews.

In addition, the office of Career Development and Academic Advising has developed impactful spring programming to assist students with making career-related decisions. Some of the programs students must take advantage of include:

February 26, 27, 28: Mock Interviews

Students can practice their interviewing skills with a professional recruiter so they are fully prepared to interview for an internship, full-time job, volunteer opportunity, or graduate school admittance.

March 12-13: Career Expo Preparation Sessions

Students will learn how to prepare for the Annual Career Expo, including how to research organizations/employers, develop an “elevator speech”, and proper etiquette at a career expo event.

March 20: Annual Career Expo (ACE)

A career expo event that features businesses, organizations, and graduates schools with representatives on site to answer questions, discuss internship and job openings, and graduate school admission.

March 21-26: On-Campus Interviews

Students will have an opportunity to interview with employers who are seeking to fill full-time openings and internship positions.

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Students can also contact the office of Career Development and Academic Advising at 386-822-7315 to schedule an appointment with an expert career advisor.