Stetson News for current and incoming Hatters!

Students now have access to Stetson Computer Lab resources on their personal laptop.  This means they have full access to programs such as Microsoft Word at no cost to them.  This is particularly great for students with tight schedules or those that have their own study zones.  All that is needed to access this is a quick login and a few easy steps outlined on the following site.


A new housing option available in the fall, University Hall (UHall) will be a renovated living facility complete with a mini kitchen and even a microwave!  In order to accommodate the growing community at Stetson and give students the best options for living space, Residential Life has been working hard to accommodate those needs.  UHall is just one step in the project.


Over the summer Stetson has planned to invest in renovating the air conditioning units in all of the sorority houses on campus.  There has been plenty of feedback that there needs to be some work done in the houses, and Stetson has listened.  Over the summer the houses will have new air conditioning facilities in the houses.  There also has been a lot of work done on Flagler as far as air conditioning is concerned to provide students, faculty, and staff with the most comfortable areas possible.


Stetson’s Student Government Association (SGA) is working hard on some hot topics.  Making the Lynn Business Center more available hour wise, discussing cultural credit revisions, and even working to make the Zipcar program even more accessible and wide spread across campus.  It is encouraged for students to talk to their representatives or just drop by the SGA office located in the CUB to discuss anything relative to Stetson.  This organization is dedicated to students and strives to give students what they want and need.