Stetson students donate to Goodwill

Stetson students came together to donate various items to the Central Florida area Goodwills.  The drive produced 2,650 pounds of donations that will aid the company in continuing their work with those who may otherwise not have employment.  Stetson’s Housing and Residential Life Department worked with Goodwill to encourage students to donate unwanted items instead of just throwing them out at the end of the year.  For ten days, students were cleaning out their rooms and donating in bins left in dorms across campus.

Students were able to help the community just by this simple action alone.  Promoting our shared values as Stetson University, residents impacted the area by simply filtering through their clothes and miscellaneous items to those who need them most.  Hopefully this becomes a routine for the university and students can help the community even more!!

*information gathered from the Barbara Hawkins article featured on the Stetson Today webpage.  To see the full article follow this link.