Feeling lost when it comes to advising?

There are a lot of components to keep track of when it comes to your Hatters’ transition into college. Below are some commonly asked questions about Academic Advising. Take a look!

  • How does my incoming student know what to turn in, so he/she can register? The deposited student checklist on the Admissions page  stetson.edu/accepted contains the links to the registration requirements listed below: 
  1. 1.     Health History Form
  2. 2.     Immunization Form
  3. 3.     Personal Data and Advising Form
  4. 4.     First Year Success Tutorials
  • How does my student know which classes to take?  The Student Success Tutorials are designed to teach students to register and to interpret which classes to take on the Degree Audit. Students should review the Success Tutorials and complete tutorials  5 – 7 in addition to the required tutorials  1 – 4  if they are not sure which courses to register for. Please ask them to do the tutorials instead of doing them for them. Ask them to walk you through parts if you have questions. The information that they gain from these tutorials will teach them the skills they need to register each term, so it is important they feel empowered in this process.
  • How does my student know which math course to take? Students who are required to take a specific math course will see it on their Degree Audit. Students who do not see a specific math course on Degree Audit should take any “Q” course, which stands for Quantitative Reasoning, to meet the general education requirement. Instructions for searching for any general education courses including “Q” courses are in the Student Success Tutorials. It is not required to take a “Q” course during a student’s first year in college. The “Q” course must be taken to graduate.
  • Why does an error message come on the screen when my student tries to register for MATH 122Q? Students need to pay attention to pre-requisites for any course they try to register for. Even if the course appears on the student’s Degree Audit, there are often pre-requisites. MATH 122Q has 3 pre-requisites (ECON 103, BADM 100 and BSAN 101). See the Student Success Tutorials for more information. 
  • What are the submission deadlines for my student to receive the registration PIN? The next deadline is Monday, July 8th. Students who have all of their required documents in by July 8th will receive the registration PIN on Friday, July 12th .  After July 12th, registration PINS will be sent out each Friday to students who have all documents in by the preceding Monday.
  • My student took the Student Success Tutorials, but did not receive a registration PIN. Why? Students must pass the first four Student Success Tutorials by the published deadlines. They need to score 50/50 on the first tutorial and 90/100 on tutorials 2 – 4.
  • Do students in the School of Business Administration (SoBA) need to take the Management Information Test (MIS) Exemption Exam before classes begin? No, this exam will be taken during the first year on the Stetson Deland campus. Students will receive information about the dates and times throughout the fall semester.
  • How can my student get the registration PIN? The Academic Advising Office sends the registration PIN to each student at his/her Stetson e-mail address. It is good to encourage your incoming student to get used to accessing the Stetson e-mail account on a daily basis as this is how they will get important communications from faculty, about their finances etc.
  • How many classes must my student take to be full time? The Academic Advising Office registers students for their First Year Seminar (FSEM) and a course in the students’ major for a total of 8 hours. The students may then register for two courses. Students in their first semester may take a maximum 16 hours — except for music students who may be required to take 17 to 18 hours. Music students will be registered by the Advising Office. To be considered full time, a student must take 12 hours. 
  • My student is an athlete; why does his/her class overlap with scheduled practice times? While we make every effort to schedule classes around an athlete’s practice time, it is not always possible for a student to register for the necessary pre-requisites or a course in a major that would allow the student to graduate in 4 years.
  • My student dropped a class and now wants to take it, but it is full. What can she/he do? Students should not drop the course in the major unless they are positive that seats are available on “Look Up Classes.” Students learn about this in the Student Success Tutorials. If a student drops a course and the class fills before he/she can register again, then the student cannot register for that specific section or course.
  • How can my student change his/her major? To change a major prior to coming to Stetson, send an e-mail to Terri Richards, Enrollment Specialist, at trichard@stetson.edu Once you arrive at Stetson, you will go through your Dean’s Office in order to change your major.
  • When do we need to buy text books? Professors list required textbooks on the syllabus that is distributed the first day of class. Some faculty will also send the syllabus and assignments prior to the first day of class either through Stetson e-mail or through Blackboard. Students can also check the bookstore’s website before arriving on campus. They may purchase textbooks after the first class.

For more information, contact

the Office of Career Development and Academic Advising at

academic.advising@stetson.edu or call (386) 822-7315.