A Safe and Secure Campus Community

A Safe and Secure Campus Community

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Obama Initiative on Rape and Sexual Assault - 

Recently the Obama administration pledged to create a “coordinated federal response” to address campus rape and sexual assault on college campuses.  This response is the result of nationwide concerns from victims of rape and sexual assault indicating their belief that they were not dealt with appropriately.  Rightfully, this has caused the federal government to create a task force with the purpose of protecting students from sexual assault.  The task force objectives are to:

•Provide colleges with evidence-based best practices for preventing and responding to rape and sexual assault.

•Make sure institutions “comply fully” with their legal obligations in the area.

•Increase the transparency of federal enforcement.

•Broaden public awareness of individual colleges’ compliance with relevant laws.

•Facilitate coordination among federal agencies involved with the issue.

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“Stetson University takes allegations of sexual assault or rape seriously and investigates each incident as soon as it is reported,” said Christopher Kandus-Fisher, vice president of student affairs. “The Department of Public Safety and Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs take action immediately to protect the victim from any additional harm and provide all services necessary to assist the victim during the investigation.  Local law enforcement is notified; allowing the victim to pursue criminal charges and enabling an independent investigation into the allegations separate from the university.  This approach assures a complete investigation, protects the victim and provides him or her with appropriate resources as mandated by the State of Florida.”

Weapons on campus. Recently the Florida Appeals Court ruled that a licensed concealed weapon permit holder can bring a securely encased gun to a university campus and keep this weapon in his or her vehicle.  This decision was documented in a 76-page opinion offered by the court after the case was filed against the University of North Florida.  Maintaining safety and security on the Stetson campus is our primary concern. As a private university, we have an internal policy prohibiting guns on campus unless carried by a law enforcement officer.  The appeals court ruling does not invalidate our policy.

“As always, Stetson University will review current policy making to ensure that we meet the standards of Florida law and guarantee the safety of faculty, staff, students and visitors of our campus,” said Kandus-Fisher.