6 Apps You Need to Have While in Bangkok

Your phone may seem either useless or an expensive trap while abroad, but here are 6 apps that could prove to be invaluable while in Thailand!

#1 GrabTaxi

GrabTaxi operates very much like Uber in Thailand, ultimately taking over the popular taxi service app.

It is a great way to ensure you have a reliable and affordable mode of transportation and all you need is Wi-Fi, so you can book your taxi from the hotel, most restaurants or tourist destinations you visit in the city. It is also an easy way to pay for your taxi as you do not need to negotiate the fair or have extra cash on hand to settle after the ride.

#2 XE Currency

$1 is 32.84 THB

The conversion rate can be a little tricky to remember when quickly trying to pay for a meal or other items such as a souvenir at a tourist shop or a handmade item at a night market.

By using a currency exchange app, even without Wi-Fi, you can determine the cost easily. Just remember when you do have Wi-Fi to update in the app, as currency can change frequently throughout the course of the trip; however it is likely it will be minimally.

#3 Banking app

Downloading your bank app(s) onto your phone before traveling to Thailand is a great way to keep track of what you are spending, keep track of conversion rate expenditures when using your debit or credit card and check that there are no payments that you do not recall making.
Check your balance and transactions periodically throughout the trip or even set up notifications so that each time you do connect with Wi-Fi, your app will notify you of all recent transactions that you can then verify.

#4 Google translate

Google translate has a particularly useful feature of allowing you to take pictures of signs and then translates them. You do need Wi-Fi for this feature, but it will help when you are around your hotel or at any destination with Wi-Fi, which could be anywhere from a tourist attraction to a business to most restaurants you will visit.

#5 Learn Thai

A great one to download before your trip and even begin using on your travels to the airport is Learn Thai, an app that teaches you useful phrases like

“how much is this?” and “I don’t understand”. If you are exploring areas that are less populated by tourists, this app could be particularly useful as some individuals may struggle more with speaking English. It could also be an opportunity to learn and practice your Thai when ordering food, or speaking with a friendly local.

#6 Field Trip

This app also requires Wi-Fi, but you can use it from the hotel and begin your exploration there and check this app whenever you do find Wi-Fi elsewhere in the city. The Field Trip app searches for sightseeing opportunities in your immediate area and even gives some information about the attraction. It could be a great way to uncover hidden gems in Thailand right in your neighborhood!