Andrew Wertheim: Entrepreneurship as a Goal

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.11.48 AMAs a Revenue Management Analyst at Disney Vacation Club, Andrew Wertheim was very excited about the opportunity to embrace this new step in his professional life when it revealed itself to him. In August 2015, Andrew joined Stetson’s Executive MBA program, and ever since it’s been a transformational lifetime experience.

“The Stetson EMBA has been a unique and rewarding experience not only because of the rich academic stimulation, but also because of the deep relationships I’ve formed with other members of the Cohort”, says Andrew while reflecting on the first half of the program.

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A lot of things have surprised Andrew, as well as his entire Cohort, throughout the last 6 months. The Executive program at Stetson is considered one of the best in Central Florida, not only because of its business approach, but also because of the intensity and the extent of its curriculum. According to the Associate Dean for The School of Business Administration, Yiorgos Bakamitsos, “What we do intend to deliver is a wide spectrum of knowledge that will help our students grow personally and professionally, and will allow them to apply the theory into practice in their daily activities at work and in their lives”. And this is exactly what Andrew noticed since enrolling in the program. “I knew I would begin to look at my professional work differently, but did not expect to be benefiting from the content so early on in the process. My performance at work has improved substantially and it’s only been six months”, says he.

A great part of the success of this experience is also due to the cohort-based learning environment, proposed by the Stetson EMBA. Andrew is proof that the, “Learning in a Cohort-style environment has enriched this experience three-fold at least. The vast array of experience from all different sides of business that everyone brings to the table is extremely valuable”. Stetson EMBA Assistant Director for the Executive MBA Program, Wendy Lowe, makes a point when mentioning that “The cohort-based classes are extremely important for the bonding experience and to challenge one another which is essential and elevates learning in this type of program. Ultimately the students are more successful when trust is established in the group where they rely on each other for rich discussions and project work for up to 18 months. Andrew stated, “You need to devote a lot of time to it to reap the greatest results and rewards”.

With an extensive curriculum that incorporates Strategic Management, Marketing, Finance and Leadership development as well as several other courses, Stetson EMBA is preparing the leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. For Andrew Wertheim, the plan is set. “Personally I’d like to apply all of the skills I am learning into a company of my own, in the future. I have no doubt that I am being given an excellent foundation on which to build and grow my company”, says Andrew while reviewing everything he has already learned from this program, and thinking about how much more he will be able to absorb. “I am planning on building a company that provides analytics to businesses that don’t yet harness this growing opportunity. I’ve learned a lot through the courses we’ve taken so far and know that I am much better positioned now than I was when I first started the program”.

Stetson EMBA trusts their students are not only committed to the EMBA program, but also engaged and truly excited about it. The program has brought different and diverse people together, and has guided them to great leadership practices and to elevated career opportunities. Join Stetson, Andrew Wertheim, and a lot of other alumni and students who have been able to experience the greatness of developing themselves and achieving tremendous results.