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Cohort 15 visits the Land of the Cool Kids

Welcome to the Land of the Cool Kids!

KidZania is where kids in Thailand (and a number of cities all over the world) come to learn about careers through play.

   After finishing our visit to McDonald’s, we headed over to KidsZania for some Edutainment. KidsZania means “Land of the cool kids”.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, KidsZania, a unique concept mixing education and entertainment, allows kids to learn about career options, money management and social responsibilities while building self-confidence and independence.

You start the adventure like many trips, via an airplane.  When you land, you enter a tiny city containing stores, hospitals, banks, fire and police stations, gas stations, government offices, tv studios and etc…. The entire “city” is run by kids.  The parents observe but don’t participate.  There is an airport lounge for parents to relax while their kids have fun.

The “city” has its own economy and currency.  The kids earn money by working at gas and convenience stores, as firemen and women, DJs and veterinarians.  Depending on the experience, the kids either earn money or spend money.  Kids earn money buy performing a job or they spend money on a University degree.  Each job pays a different amount based on role.  In addition, if you have a degree related to the job you earn more money.  Kids can even save their money in the bank and earn 1% interest per month.  Kids can also pass a driving test and earn a driver’s license.



The iconic experience is the Junior Pilot Program. The kids become certified pilots by passing a flight simulator.




We had the opportunity to be “kids” again, at least for an hour.  We role played as news anchors, cameramen and women and producers.   We also pretended to be pilots in the real airplane.

Shared by Brian Vann

Brazilian Food in Bangkok!

By: Cristiane Gandin.

With complete different and unrecognized names, which I can’t even pronounce, we found brazilian food while taking a night stroll here in Bangkok. Brazilian foods such as Mandioca and Pão de queijo (cheese bread) and a lot of great appetizers, entrées and different and colored drinks made our night, and some of us took the famous ‘Tuk Tuk’ (taxi cab) back to our hotel.

The restaurant that we visited was amazing and featured amazing and stunning views of Bangkok. The neighborhood where the restaurant was located was called ‘Vadhana – Khlong Tan Nuea’ where we could enjoy a view of the city from a high rooftop restaurant lounge.

This is really a great cohort adventure and meeting Bangkok natives has been quite an adventure. The cohort is bonding and truly becoming a family!

A sample of the food from the restaurant!


Posing for a quick photo!


Riding the Tuk Tuk taxi cab!
Another quick photo!