Kantar Group: A Leader in Market Research

Today, we in Cohort 15 were lucky enough to meet with Kantar Group, one of the world’s largest insight, information and consultancy groups. They are a leader in market research and a division of the larger company WPP. Kantar works with clients to launch products, improve marketing efforts, innovate their strategies, create brand equity, lead communications and more. They shared with us the unique perspective they have by focusing on insight rather than just providing information and looking into the “why”, rather than just describing consumer behavior. They consider themselves a “people” company that tries to be the voice of the consumer in Thailand.

We learned that advertisements in Thailand could be described through the three S’s: Sanook, Sabai, and Suay! Sanook refers to humor, Sabai means happy and Suay means beautiful. Thai people love very emotional commercials that play on feelings, we also learned that celebrities in advertising are extremely popular. Another unique insight we had into the Thai consumer was the changes in retail Kantar has observed over the past few years. Convenience stores have been exploding in popularity due to their convenience of course, but also the ability to be cost-effective by buying smaller quantities of products.

Another major difference was that Thai consumers have a hesitancy to purchase things online due to fraud, so they typically pay for items after they have already received them from Internet purchases, quite different from what we do in the U.S.! We also learned about how globalization has made Thai consumers more materialistic and has given them a tendency to “live for today” to the detriment of their savings and financial futures. Our presenters from Kantar Group shared so much valuable knowledge with us throughout our visit and gave us a unique insight on the experiences and behaviors of consumers in Thailand.

Shared by Jessica Bundy