McDonald’s STEPs UP

Cohort 15 visits the McDonald’s Corporation in Thailand

The visit at the McDonald’s Corporate Office was amazing. They talked about their approach in the business as focusing on; people, marketing, and operations.  First, they mentioned that McDonald’s is in the people business, not the food business.  They also saw the importance of creating a company culture, before the World Office felt the need.

I thought the Step up approach was put very well.  It stands for S- Sanook – At Work or Fun At Work, T- Team To Win, they used the analogy of French fries, that we need everyone (the whole container of fries) to be successful, not just one. Then they talked about E- Exceed Customer Expectation, P- People, U- Ultimate Ownership, P- Passion To Win.

I thought it was interesting that because of the price, it is not an everyday meal for the Thai’s.  In fact, the marketing department has sales promotions each month to entice the Thai people to come to the restaurant to eat, as well as adding Thai favorites to the menu like rice and chicken.

From an operations stand point, the one thing that really stood out to me was their Leadership by Example.

Each year the corporate leaders at the home office go out to the most successful restaurant and replace the staff, they take on all positions except the cashiers.  They actually work a ten-hour shift.  So, the CEO would become the Manager for the day and then they pick all other positions. What a cool and innovative idea.

Shared by Greg Lucas