Task World: Building a Nurturing Culture


On Monday June 25th Cohort  15 had the opportunity to tour Taskworld and learn about their cultural and technical differentiating factors. At first glance, you could tell that this was not an ordinary tech company.

Immediately upon arrival we were greeted with snacks, coffee and conversation in their beautiful office space. Shortly after, we began our tour of Taskworld, by the head of Marketing, Shiv Sharma. You could tell that Shiv has a passion for this organization and a passion for people. He introduced us to each team and explained to us that culture was of utmost importance to the sustainability of their organization. When transitioning between introducing us to the designers and back end developers we stopped at the culture wall. This wall represents all of the aspects that are important and the heart of this business, with User Centric as the most important element to their products. After completing the tour, we sat down in their conference space to enjoy a presentation on who they are and what makes them different.

What Is TaskWorld?

Taskworld is “a group of friends that have gathered to do some exciting work.” This exciting work is developing a project management system by ways of research and relationships. Their mission is to improve how the world collaborates one project at a time. This project came to fruition after Fred Mouawad, a serial entrepreneur, hit a wall where so many of his projects were becoming very successful, yet tasks were getting dropped or missed, so he started to make a list of the seven pain points that he found in this project, and then he put together a team of committed individuals to make this dream a reality. This team began talking to potential customers to determine what their pain points were and started to build out the technology in a way that would be easy for the customer to use and need as little integrations as possible. After a few years of research they launched a successful and innovative cloud based task management system. But that is not where their story ends. It is merely the beginning.

 Company Culture

The truly amazing part of this organization was not that they had created a solution to millions of people’s working problems, but that they built this product by building a foundation of remarkable, humble and kind individuals. Shiv touched on their culture every step of the meeting and continued to enforce the importance of this element of their business. On the tour he showed us that this was a flat hierarchy and that their team was made up of “co-entrepreneurs” who all sit in the same space and do not display any form of hierarchy. He then introduced us to the book that Fred and the TaskWorld team created before TaskWorld was underway, to sit as a foundation to this organization. This book is called “Nurturing vs Damaging Culture” and is prominently displayed at the heart of their office space. It goes through situations that could affect their organization and the choices they will have to make. However, it is one thing to have a book, and another to live out their book. Shiv walked us through each of the ways that their team builds a trusting and nurturing culture, from culture screening in interviews, to allowing anyone to be a part of any meeting, to quickly calling out office politics in order to foster a nurturing environment and to reduce damaging behavior. They believe that “People stick around with us do incredible things and achieve unparalleled growth.” It was clear that this statement was lived out each and every day in their organization. Our cohort left this meeting energized and inspired by both the technical work and cultural work this organization displayed.

Thank you Taskworld!!

Shared by Kate Kroll