Taskworld Experience

By: Julie Muckerheide

After several weeks of research, writing a consulting report and preparing a PowerPoint presentation, we were ready to start rehearsing our presentations for Taskworld, a task-based project management software company.  Our Cohort split up into our individual groups, and we moved into business rooms at the Sofitel Sukhumvit.

Rehearsal Photo

It was arranged ahead of time, that several members of Toastmasters would be coming to coach us and give us some presentation pointers. Our group was particularly influenced by local businessman, Andrea Ceratti, Managing Director of Double B Trading.  He videotaped our presentation and gave us excellent feedback.  We wanted to show an improvement, so we asked him if he would be willing to return the following morning to watch us again.  He was kind enough to agree.  We were very thankful that someone from the local community would invest the time in our group.  The feedback was invaluable, and a wonderful new friend was made in Thailand.  After a few more rehearsals, the Cohort boarded the bus for Taskworld.  Upon arrival at the Okura Prestige building, we were treated to a lovely buffet lunch with CEO Fred Mouaward, and several of the Taskworld Leadership.  It was an amazing taste of Thailand.

Buffet Photo

Sitting with Melinda Marczali, Customer Success Strategist, and Patrick Wings, VP Marketing, we were able to speak in depth about the company.

3 ppl photo

They shared with us about the importance of culture in Taskworld – how they are extremely selective about their talent, as they want right-fit people as part of their organization. It was very refreshing to learn more about their Culture Book, which explains what they deem to be nurturing vs. damaging behavior in their company.  We were given a tour of the facility, presented our consulting reports to the Taskworld leadership, and were treated to desserts and coffee afterward.  We were honored to have this opportunity. It was a wonderful experience, and we hope we had a positive impact on Taskworld.

Julie Group Photo

Fred and Julie Photo