Dr. James Johnson and the 3rd Annual Faculty Learning Community Day

The Third Annual Faculty Learning Community Day held in January of 2015, brought faculty together in a reflective setting for discussion of the big issues that impact Stetson University’s mission and learning community. National scholars are invited annually to engage the Stetson community in thought-provoking conversation. These learning communities created for the faculty are intended to develop connections, create networks, foster multidisciplinary conversations, and bring together those interested in the critical issues that exist in higher education. The Faculty Learning Community Day is held on the Friday before the start of the spring semester as a way to welcome the beginning of a new calendar year of learning as a community.

In 2015, the Learning Community Day welcomed esteemed scholar Dr. James H. Johnson, Jr. from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Dr. Johnson led a faculty-centered discussion and workshop entitled “Disruptive Demographics: Implications for Higher Education”. His research shows that demographic changes  have already begun to change the face of higher education. Faculty learned about the consequences of community development, inter-ethnic minority conflict, and workforce diversity issues. Dr. Johnson provided the Stetson faculty community with ways in which to develop timely responses to demographic changes already being experienced, and more importantly, the ways to fully embrace inclusive excellence in preparation for the future.

Download Dr. Johnson’s Presentation (pdf)

Dr. James H. Johnson, Jr. is a William R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and the Director of the Urban Investment Strategies Center at UNC-Chapel Hill. Dr. Johnson is also the author of several scholarly articles including a recently published book titled Prismatic Metropolis: Inequality in Los Angeles. He has published research on everything from the impact on U.S. metropolitan economies resulting from September 11th to offshore white collar jobs and the competition in the United States. Dr. Johnson has focused many of his studies on inequality in American society and how that has affected disadvantaged youth socially as well as economically.