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Mentoring at Stetson
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Support for mentoring is available in a number of different forms.

  1. Modest funding is available to support mentoring activities including meals and other resources to advance mentoring. For more information, please contact the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence.
    NOTE: This funding can not be used to reimburse for books, materials and supplies.
  2. Formal feedback on faculty successes and challenges provides evidence for Stetson to address issues associated with the on-boarding of new faculty.
  3. Mentoring faculty is recognized as service/citizenship/leadership contribution in the Faculty Annual Review.

Past Mentoring Workshops

February 5 What is the Faculty Annual Review (FAR)? [Kimberly Flint-Hamilton, Carolyn Nicholson]
February 12 Coaching for Coaches [Kate Brooks]
March TBA Are you prepared for Tenure and Promotion? [Promotion & Tenure Committee]
March 17 Internship Cafe [Mike True]
March 18 Internship Cafe [Mike True] (repeat workshop)
April 1 Teaching & Learning Colloquium

New Mentoring workshops will be announced. In addition, contact ALANA’IA for additional formalized mentoring activities.


The program will help new faculty to:

  • Learn about Stetson University, support resources for faculty, and the surrounding community
  • Quickly adjust to the new environment and become active members of the university and broader community
  • Address concerns and special needs in a confidential manner
  • Grow and develop as  a teacher-scholar – gain insight into  best practices in teaching, learning, and scholarly endeavors; leadership, service and other citizenship; professional and career development opportunities
  • Develop a support network with faculty and professionals at/external to Stetson

The program will encourage experienced faculty to:

  • Share their knowledge and experience with new faculty and gain professional satisfaction
  • Assist new faculty to adjust quickly to the campus and address their unique needs, concerns, or questions, if any
  • Help shape the careers of new colleagues and enjoy opportunities for self-renewal
  • Provide valuable citizenship/leadership/service to the university by promoting collegiality through mentoring.
  • Stay fresh and anchored in the diverse roles of the teacher-scholar
  • Contribute to the teaching, research and scholarly activities, and the citizenship/service mission of Stetson University


Contact Us

Stetson University Faculty Mentoring Committee
(l-r) Ranjini Thaver, Professor of Economics; Mary Pollock, Professor of English; Maria Rickling, Assistant Professor of Accounting; Rosalie Richards, Associate Provost for Faculty Development; John Tichenor, Associate Professor of Management and Chair

Past Members: Brigid Noonan, Professor and Chair, Department of Counselor Education