Seeking Summer Grant Reporting Guidelines?

Seeking guidance for your summer grant report? Here are a few questions to help frame your report.

Usually,  a report should not exceed two pages with an additional page for your expense report. Remember,  you can add  electronic artifacts and these do not count in the two pages.

1. Project Title and Grantee(s)

2. Goals and progress to achieving your goals: Describe the extent to which each goal was met, achieved or not; evidence to support progress to the goal or the level of attainment/achievement of the goal; include artifacts.

3.  Changes:  What, if any, changes did you make to the proposed work? How did these changes alter the outcome and impact of your work?What surprised you? (i.e., what did you not anticipate as part of your proposed work?)

4.  Impact: Provide evidence of impact of the work on the following. Provide supporting artifacts as evidence on

  • higher education (discipline, field of study, interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary area)
  • the institution (alignment to Stetson’s mission, values, and strategic goals)
  • the department/college or school
  • students (teaching and learning, skill development, etc.)
  • your own professional development as a Stetson Teacher-Scholar

5.  Student Engagement: If applicable, how did you you engage students?

  • indicate the number of students involved
  • describe the primary learning goal and their inquiry engagement
  • describe the impact of this project on increasing the student’s(’) ability to (choose one, more or other)
    • think critically (explore of issues, ideas, artifacts, and events before accepting or formulating an opinion or conclusion);
    • solve a problem (process of designing, evaluating and implementing a strategy to answer an open-ended question or achieve a desired goal);
    • integrate learning (make simple connections among ideas and experiences to synthesizing and transferring learning to new, complex situations within and beyond the campus); and/or
    • other desired skill, ability, disposition

6.  Sustaining your project: What is your plan for sustainability? Describe how you plan to sustain the project. For example:

  • create/strengthen internal/external professional partnerships and networks/collaborations
  • develop skills sets of others to advance this work
  • integrate new knowledge in course work, course design or re-design
  • develop new initiatives or strengthening existing initiatives.

7.  External Support: What is your plan for  seeking extramural funding? Describe your plan for seeking external funding or other support to include

  • any sources of potential funding
  • other non-fiscal support
  • describe assistance you might need in pursuing these sources

8.  Acknowledgements: Did you acknowledge your professional networks and others, including Stetson University?