Faculty learning community opportunities: Brown Innovation Fellows and Inquiry Circles

Please consider joining one of these upcoming opportunities to engage with colleagues in boundary-spanning inclusive communities of practice ….

2016-2017 Brown Innovation Fellows Program: The Courage to Teach

<<See the Call for Applications for more information and to access the short application form>>

Higher education is undergoing a paradigm shift.  This shift is partly in response to disruptive forces, which include changing demographics of students and faculty; disruptive forces reconceptualizing how higher education is delivered; and a questioning the value and relevance of a college education. The recent report on the climate at Stetson highlights many of these challenges.

Fellows will grapple with these issues and more as a cohort over the course of the academic year. In an effort to model democratic ways of knowing, the program will borrow strategies from the un-conference movement in digital humanities where we collaborate to actively create the agenda to develop sessions that are relevant, engaging and respond to the knowledge, interest and goals of participants.

2016-2017 Inquiry Circles

The following inquiry circles are seeking members.  To join, please contact the circle leader directly.

Teaching Inquiry Circle: Articulating Learning Using the T-Shaped Professional Model: Connecting Students to the 21st Century Workplace

The 21st Century workforce demands that graduates not only have depth in one or more disciplines but also broad “generalist” skills, an understanding of numerous future opportunities and complex issues, and appreciation of perspectives and systems different from their own. Students are unable to describe what they learned in specific courses, even though Stetson’s general and program learning outcomes directly connect to what employers want. Students lack the capacity to articulate what they have gained from curriculum. This circle will explore and apply the T-Shaped Professional Model of Integrative Learning and its usefulness in defining and connecting the liberal arts classroom experience to the workplace. To make this process manageable, the circle focus would focus on one or more courses to pilot this initiative.  To join this circle contact Tim Stiles at tstiles@stetson.edu

Teaching Inquiry Circle: The Courage to Teach

Members of this circle will meet to discuss Parker Palmer’s classic text, The Courage to Teach.  Each member of the circle will receive a copy of the book (or audiobook).  Indicate your interest in joining this teaching and learning circle by contacting browncenter@stetson.edu.