The Importance of Being Resilient – Teaching & Inquiry Circle | Stetson Today

Rebecca Stone and Rachel Boldman, co-facilitated a Teaching & Inquiry Circle with Stetson Faculty and Staff titled “Student Resilience”, which concluded with draft recommendations for an institutional plan to support resilience.  The work of these individuals continues to impact student resilience and the larger campus community.

This is what institutional grit looks like!


Rachel Boldman, Director of the Stetson Counseling Center, hopes John B. Well Week activities will encourage students to visit the Counseling Center, if they need help with mental health issues.

The Counseling Center has organized the weeklong series of events annually since 2014 as a way to encourage students to seek professional help, when needed, and educate them about ways to increase their resiliency.The Stetson University Counseling Center will focus on resilience during John B. Well Week, Jan. 30-Feb. 2, teaching students to be resilient during challenging times and safeguarding their mental health.

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