Stetson University’s Environmental Sustainability Faculty Survey

The Environmental Fellows at Stetson University work with a faculty mentor to develop a more cognizant and purposeful Stetson community focused on social, economic and environmental practices. They foster a culture of environmentalism through education and direct involvement with Stetson’s campus and the greater community. Their mission is to improve the sustainability of Stetson University and the surrounding community through research, providing feedback, and taking action.

To this end they are asking our faculty to complete a brief 5 question survey linked below. The Fellows would like to hear your opinions on current, student-led sustainability projects. They will also be assessing the extent to which Stetson students connect sustainability practices to their course material. A similar survey has already gone out to the students and the response has been overwhelming. Having as many faculty as possible answer these 5 questions would have a huge impact on the project the Fellows are designing.

For additional questions about the Fellowship or the survey please contact:

Matinicus Csenger ’20
BBA Economics & BA Philosophy
Interim Environmental Sustainability Fellow
Delta Sigma Phi Campus Activities Chair