Faculty Resource Network Symposium to be held at Stetson!  Submit your proposals by April 20th.

Stetson University is thrilled to host the Faculty Resource Network National Symposium, November 16-17th.  This year’s theme, Transforming Teaching Through Active Learning, explores the many varieties of active-learning techniques, best practices for lesson planning, and technology-based resources to facilitate student engagement.

Proposal Submission Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2018.

The Faculty Resource Network invites proposals for breakout sessions and posters in all areas related to the symposium. Visit the Call for Proposals for Proposal Submission Guidelines.

Examples of suitable topics are listed below, organized into three broad categories.

Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Promoting critical and creative thinking through reading and writing
  • Lesson design for active learning
  • Research on active learning (from neuroscience, cognitive science, sociology)
  • News media as a pedagogical tool
  • Using case studies (written and video)
  • Debate in the classroom
  • Role-playing techniques

Using Technology to Promote Active Learning

  • Using the flipped classroom
  • Creating collaborations between faculty members and educational technology specialists
  • Utilizing mobile devices and apps in the classroom
  • Using social media to create a learning community
  • Creating multimedia projects (websites, videos, podcasts, etc.)
  • Designing and evaluating data visualizations
  • Exploring maker spaces as sites of innovation

Social Dimensions of Active Learning

  • Active learning and student success
  • Diversity and creative thinking
  • Experiential and service learning
  • Developing cultural competencies
  • Promoting collaboration in the classroom
  • Developing entrepreneurship
  • Developing lifelong, transferable skills through active learning
  • Assessing active learning and group work

Source: 2018 Call for Proposals | Faculty Resource Network