Workshop: The Course Faire, Monday April 23 @ 1:30

What:  A fun opportunity to reflect on your course!
When: Monday, April 23 1:30 – 3:00 PM
Where: LBC 136
Who: Anyone who teaches (or is planning to teach)
“Why should students take your course?
(The Course Faire)
When I was a student, we chose our courses by attending a “course faire.” At this event, professors would have a poster, along with other artifacts such as sample assignments, the syllabus, etc. to communicate what his or her course would be about, what it would be like, and what a student could hope to get from that course – a kind of “elevator speech” in a graphic format. Students could then examine the poster and supporting documents and ask as many questions as they needed to in order to clearly understand that course so that they might make a fully-informed decision about whether or not to take it.
Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is for you to distill your course design in the form of a poster that communicates to students the value of your course.
Task: Imagine you are an professor preparing for the Course Faire. Create a poster and include any other supporting documents that you would like to include. Your goal is to explain your course to potential students in a way that simultaneously captures its detail and complexity (to the extent that is possible) and also captures what makes it special, but does so in an abbreviated way. When the time arrives, you’ll stand by your poster/supporting documents and the rest of us will act as serious students asking you questions and provide feedback.
Criteria: You will be evaluated on your ability to communicate to students (us!) your vision and expectations for your course.  Creativity is encouraged.
[This is a transparent authentic assessment]
We will provide supplies & snacks – you will provide the ideas!