2018-2019 Teaching Inquiry Circle – Seeking members

The following inquiry circle is seeking members.  To join, please contact Megan O’Neill (mboneill@stetson.edu).

Why Can’t They Read?

Before students can be informed citizens of local communities and the world, they need to be able to read. It doesn’t surprise anyone in the classroom these days that students coming to college are ill-equipped to parse complex texts, identify arguments, and understand why the parts of a text function the way they do. Particularly in the first years, but continuing on after graduation, critical reading skills are vital. Many of us, however, are so deeply entrenched in our own ability to bring a critical lens to the written word that we’ve forgotten how to bring students on this journey with us.

In this teaching circle, the emphasis is on critical reading: how to teach those skills and how to assess those skills. Participants can expect to expand their range of teaching tools, understand better why students read the way they do, and share insights from their own classrooms in an effort to broaden Stetson’s bank of information about reading critically.

  • Individual participants will read selected chapters and articles on the teaching of reading skills to learn about best practices. (readings provided by Megan’ O’Neill)
  • Individuals will study their own reading habits to learn about their own blind spots. (Self reflection, written and/or oral, on reading the materials)
  • Individuals will share their stories to build community around reading strategies. (Each meeting will start with a brief story intended to jumpstart discussion around the reading topic for the meeting)

Indicate your interest in joining this teaching and learning circle by contacting Megan O’Neill (mboneill@stetson.edu)