Co-leading the Student Resilience Teaching Circle in 2015-2017 with Rebecca Stone (Outreach Coordinator and Mental Health Counselor) inspired and strengthened our commitment to student resilience. We were able to discuss low student resilience and how it affects the wellbeing of the individual students as well as the campus climate and culture. We were also able … Continue reading Rachel Boldman, LMHC

Rachel Boldman, LMHC

In a middle of a very busy week, I spent time fleshing out a dream project and listening to other scholars talk about their dream projects–both equally valuable. I cannot thank you enough.

Michele Randall

Participating in the Passion to Action Workshop was beneficial to me in a couple of ways. First it allowed me to dedicate time to actually putting the plan to paper and in constructing the talking points needed to generate interest among others in supporting the project. It also created an atmosphere of creativity and sharing … Continue reading Roxanne Lewis

Roxanne Lewis

The very fact that there is such an organization as the Brown Center to encourage and support innovative pedagogies is a big reason why I’m excited to be here at Stetson

Dr. Sam Houston, Brown Teacher-Scholar in Islamic Studies

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