The Stetson Teacher-Scholar model forms the foundation for leadership development at Stetson University. In addition to a diverse faculty professional development program, the Brown Center offers distinctive  fellowship opportunities that allow faculty to develop as leaders in teaching and learning and active citizens of the university.

Brown Teacher-Scholar (BT-SF) Fellows

As the flagship initiative of the Brown Center, the program prepares faculty leaders who inspire current and future faculty to aspire to excellence in undergraduate learning, teaching, and research. Fellows infuse niche areas of expertise across the Stetson community.

Provost Faculty Fellows (PFF) Program

Goal: to build exceptional leaders by supporting individual faculty development that enhances university culture and capacities. Responsibilities and appointments vary.

Brown Innovation Fellows (BIF) Program

Brown Innovation Fellows demonstrate cutting edge innovation across diverse aspects of the teacher-scholar role to foster lifelong excellence in learning. Brown Innovation Fellows learn and build knowledge together and share their work with others.