Brown Innovation Fellows

Brown Innovation Fellows demonstrate cutting edge innovation across diverse aspects of the teacher-scholar role to foster lifelong excellence in learning.

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Learning Goals:
Brown Innovation Fellows will …

  • develop expertise in pedagogical student learning.
  • use innovative strategies and technologies to deepen learning.
  • educate the campus community on pedagogical strategies and student learning by participating Brown Fellows Symposium as part of the annual Teaching & Learning Colloquium.

Award Eligibility

The program is available to any full-time faculty member who is available to participate fully during the year-long institute and at the Brown Fellows Symposium during the Teaching & Learning Colloquium in April.

Benefits to Fellows

The Brown Innovation Fellows Program will engage participants in diverse experiences to expand skill sets for designing courses that foster significant learning experiences by students. Fellows will build knowledge together as a cohort over the course of a year. In addition, each Fellow will receive a stipend of $1,000 to be issued upon completion of the Brown Innovation Institute and submission of a reflective report on their experience.

Application Process

All full-time faculty members at Stetson University are encouraged to apply. Each faculty member should submit their application through the online form.  Please note that we request confirmation of support from your chair or direct supervisor for your participation.

[Past Program Information]

2018-2019 Timeline:

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Questions? We look forward to a number of excellent applications. Questions should be directed to the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation & Excellence.