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The core focus of Stetson University’s mission is liberal learning to provide an excellent education in a creative community where learning and values meet, and to foster in students the qualities of mind and heart that will prepare them to reach their full potential as informed citizens of local communities and the world. This priority is achieved by the creation of a stimulating, inclusive learning community that encourages a lifelong commitment to learning.

As teachers, scholars, and mentors, we model the scholarly practices and intellectual values we seek to impart to students. In those roles, faculty take joy in the process of inquiry and in sharing that knowledge with others.  The teacher-scholar model emphasizes the integration of the faculty role as educator, scholar, citizen, and leader.

Likewise, staff members of Campus Life and Student Success (CLaSS) inspire and model this commitment by supplementing and supporting the academic mission through their full academic engagement as professional/practitioner-scholars, and through teaching and partnership with Stetson teacher-scholars.

When faculty and/or staff are engaged with disciplinary and interdisciplinary professional networks, networking with colleagues, this engagement expands their learning, scholarship, creative endeavors, and professional impact.

Participating in a Teaching or Inquiry Circles is an example of interdisciplinary professional networking that have been particularly successful in achieving this impact.

Teaching & Inquiry Circles

Do you have a big idea around learning that advances student learning? Are you now, or would you like to start collaborating with a team to advance your scholarly work?

Go here for more information and a link to apply

Teaching Squares

Would you like to:

  • Reflect upon your teaching practice
  • Meet other faculty who are interested in talking about teaching and learning
  • Curious to see how others teach outside of your own discipline
  • Learn from your colleagues about other ways of teaching, evaluation, use of materials, technology and more…

Go here for more information

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